DS1 is 15 and definitely needs more sleep. On the weekends and over summer, if I didn't wake him up he'd still be asleep at 5pm!!! If I didn't get on his case, he'd read a book until the next day. He's supposed to have lights out at 10:30pm, but if he's reading he'll completely lose track of time and I'll go in at 12:30am and he's like "oh, I didn't realize it was so late." So no, he doesn't self regulate at all. He'd read an entire book every single night. Plus his eczema has been horrible for the past year and he often can't sleep because he's so itchy. His bed sheets were covered in blood from scratching so much and he just started wearing cotton gloves to bed and listening to a hypnosis for eczema (to stop scratching) every night when he goes to bed. Luckily, the recording causes him to pass out before it ends (30 minutes). Before that he wasn't falling asleep until around midnight or later, which means he was only getting around 7 hours a night. Tonight he was asleep by 10:45. He gets out of bed at 7:20 every morning for school.