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    Default My kid can't sing...

    My DS is 9 1/2, and loves to sing... all kinds of music actually. However, he sucks at it. Can't seem to match tone. I'm a good singer (small music grant for college), but DH can't carry a tune. So...

    Will he get better, or is it hopeless?

    And - it there anything I can do to help him improve?


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    Itís not hopeless AT ALL! First of all, 9 is young to be able to carry a tune. Many, many 9 year olds canít do that consistently yet. My own son is in a choir, and heís getting better, but heís not consistent at all, especially when harmony is part of the scenario. I have absolutely no doubt that he will be, though, with a love of music and some good teaching and practice. Get your child a good voice teacher and/or into a choir. Heíll practice and learn.

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