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    Quote Originally Posted by ang79 View Post
    I'm a lone leader this year, so I need another adult at all meetings and events. Out of 6 girls in our troop, so far there is just me and one other mom who have completed the background checks and membership, despite numerous reminders and info given to parents Any ideas how to get more parents on board?
    I tell parents that I expect at least one parent per family to be a registered member with background check for each girl in the troop. I explain why it is necessary. I hold parents meetings three times a year -- Beginning of the year in August, again in January, and at the end of the year. I have computers at my dining room table and will help parents register if they haven't already registered. In order to volunteer and support your daughter and her troop -- you have to be registered. We hold about 5 cookie booths -- usually 2 girls and 2 adults (although more girls can participate) and every girl/parent is expected to support at least one booth -- Must be registered to support a booth.

    I also make a point to individually ask parents to volunteer for specific roles. We have a small troop of 5 girls right now. I am leader and year-round robotics coach. My husband is 2nd fall robotics coach and general volunteer. A friend (no children) is 3rd robotics coach (because my husband and I can volunteer alone together). 2nd girl's mom is co-leader. 2nd girls dad is spring time underwater robotics coach. 3rd girl's mom is cookie parent and coordinates pool time for underwater robotics. 4th girl's mom is treasurer and dad has volunteered for specific badges/activities. 5th girls mom and dad -- I'm still working on getting regular participation, but they volunteer adhoc to meet specific needs.

    At the parent meeting we confirm troop expectations -- two way communication; make sure adult support roles are filled; and share troop budget/resources.; establish carpool support among families to make sure girls are able to get to and from meetings.

    Our parent meeting always begins with the girls individually saying why they want to be in girl scouts and the parents saying what they hope their daughter will get out of girl scouts. Then the girls leave to work on something and parents work out details of troop support.

    If you haven't been having troop parent meetings before, consider inviting someone from your service unit our council to come and help explain the need and benefits of parents registering and supporting your troop.

    Good luck!
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    DD is a 2nd-year Brownie (Brownies are 2nd & 3rd graders)

    We did not have uniform expenses this year; Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors wear their tunics/vests/sashes for 2 years per level. Once girls hit Cadette level, they wear the same vest through Ambassador level.

    Registration was $40 (a portion of her registration goes to National; the remainder goes to our local Council.)

    I did not have to purchase a new vest ($19.50 ... I think all vests are $19.50; the Daisy tunic is $17.50) or insignia (flag patch, Council ID set, troop numbers) or pin/insignia tab (though some troops pay for the members' pins from troop dues/funds; I was able to do so for my troop.)

    I am the troop leader and last year, I charged each Scout $30 troop dues for craft supplies, badges, pins, and the occasional snack. I am working out my budget for 2018-'19 but think $30 troop dues will again be fair.

    We used part of the cookie profits to defray the cost of our recent camping trip ($30 per person total; the troop subsidized $15 per person, which allowed all of our troop members to attend.)

    All activities are SEPARATE payments from families.

    For my troop, I pitch Council events as optional (as they can be a bit overpriced or further away) and Service Unit events tend to be a bit more mandatory (they are often free or low-cost, so much easier for girls to attend.)

    If the troop can subsidize a portion of the cost, I will do so and charge families the balance, so a $10 per person event might end up costing families $5 because the troop can front the other $5.

    Last year, troop members who attended all Service Unit activities were probably out $100 all told over the course of the year from October through June.
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