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    Default Thrive Causmetics?

    Has anyone tried these products? They seem to get good reviews, but I'm skeptical of course. It keeps showing up on my FB newsfeed which is sort of annoying, but I'm also in the market to up my makeup game.

    I'm especially interested in their version of the tube mascara, and their eyeliners...and maybe the CC cream?

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    Tried the eyeliner that was supposed to be semi permanent and never come off. Hated it. It was a MESS two hours into my evening. I contacted cs and they said, “sorry. Just don’t put any oils on your face at before or after application. And we don’t have free returns, so sorry again.”

    First, how many women don’t put moisturizer on? And second, to return an eyeliner for almost the cost of the eyeliner? I hate this company.

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    Oh yikes! I was just coming to ask about Thrive as I saw the FB ads for their lash "extension" mascara (fiber-based mascara) and their lip gloss. I was intrigued, but given Kindra's experience, I ma hold off. That's annoying that the eyeliner didn't even last 2 hours AND that customer service was so unhelpful!

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