Curious what your heaviest flow is on your heavy flow days. I see all sorts of articles about anything over say 80ml being a heavy flow and to speak with your doctor. I've never considered myself as having a super heavy flow, though as I've gotten older it has gotten heavier on day 2 and 3. I'm 43 so I'm sure it's probably perimenopausal changes. I use a size 2 Diva on my heavy days and I have to empty it every 1-2hrs. Today, for example, is day 2. I woke up at 5:30am, full cup at 15ml, emptied at 6:30am full (15ml), emptied at 7:30 full (15ml), emptied at 9:30am almost full (probably 10-12 ml), and emptied at 12:30pm full (15ml). Not including the 5:30am which was from overnight, I've emptied approx 55ml in 6 hours. Yesterday, day 1, I think I only emptied it once or twice. Tomorrow will probably still be heavy but not as much as today. Then by day 4 it'll go down to almost nothing and continue to be scant for another few days. I also have a few days of spotting of dark brown a few days before my flow starts. So all told, I have some sort of spotting or flow for 7 or 8 days. My cycle is pretty regular at 28-30 days.

So for the 2 days, I'm guessing I've already exceeded the 80ml "average" and today is only half over. This isn't new, though when I used to use tampons (switched about 2 years ago to a cup) I don't recall having to change a tampon quite that often.

Does this seem too heavy to you?