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on my worst days it is 2 ultra OB tampons not lasting an hour. I have not had success with cups as I easily over fill a diva in an hour and it does not fit me as well as I wish it did.
I think we're part of the low iron crew and my periods were similar. On my heaviest days I'd bleed through a super plus tampon in less than an hour, which is why I never used tampons much unless I had to, like while on a beach vacation. I also never liked my Diva cup because I'd overflow it quickly. My family doctor recommended I see a GYN and I ended up having surgery to remove a blood filled cyst on my ovary that wouldn't shrink with meds. While she was in there she removed a large fibroid and 2 smaller ones. She thought the large one could definitely be contributing to my super heavy periods and she was right. My periods got lighter over several months after the surgery. And now with my hyperthyroidism, my periods are super light and I have no more heavy days, which is a symptom.

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