DS2 is due for his 3year IEP evaluation for speech to determine if he is still eligible for services. His current speech teacher doesn't believe he will still qualify once her testing is done. I agree that DS2 has made a lot of progress with his articulation and intelligibility. However, I am not sure he is quiet ready to be done with speech. He has been going through periods where he stutters for several weeks in row and then stops. His volume has been really low again, making it difficult to understand him because he is simply to quiet. I brought these issue up to the speech teacher, but I don't believe she is addressing them (she mentioned keeping an eye on them,but did not mention doing anything for them). I am quiet confident that his speech is great while he is IN speech therapy in a one on one situation. My concern is his how is he doing in the classroom,with peers, and other adults at school with spontaneous speech, not repeated phrases. Is he also stuttering and talking very quiet in these situations?

For his 3year eval they are currently only testing his articulation with Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation 3. Does anyone know if their are other areas I should asked to be tested for the problems he's having that I mentioned? Is one test for Articulation going to give an accurate picture of his how he is currently doing? Is their a way to have his speech in the classroom, etc evaluated too? Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for any help. I have been researching some already ,but I don't have as much time (or brain power) as I normally do since I have newborn at home again.