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    Has anyone been in the colder months? I am a bit worried about it now after reading that there isn't heat in homes in Japan. We were going to go the route of getting an airbnb.
    Personally, I wouldn't do an airbnb again now that we've been, unless we stayed at a much more expensive place like the one smiles33 stayed at! We were traveling for 15 days so DH wanted to save some money since the place we were staying at in Vietnam was pretty pricey (even though it was his brother's BNB)!!! Anyways, we had lots of issues with our Tokyo airbnb and even though it had excellent reviews no one seemed to mention or care about the negatives (clogged sinks that we had to fix ourselves, beds so uncomfortable DH wanted to just sleep in the floor, stove/oven that didn't even work, washing machine on the balcony that looked like it hadn't been used in 15 years, internet and pocket wifis that didn't work, etc). If we went back (and I'd love to) I'd probably insist on just staying at the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku which is pretty popular on the FB Japan Travel Planning group:

    That way I wouldn't have to worry about cleanliness, heat/air conditioning, internet access, etc and would have English speaking staff available for help and access to modern laundry facilities.
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    Hmmm, thanks for the tip. Did anyone else stay at an arbnb and have a negative experience in Japan? It is a bit hard because we have a bigger family so most of the time when we travel internationally we stay in airbnbs for space and cost savings.

    Essnce and Smiles could you please link the airbnbs that you stayed at? Thanks so much.
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