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    Quote Originally Posted by trentsmom View Post
    I made urquie's French Market Soup last winter, and it was delicious! I was thinking about it this week since the weather has started to get colder.
    So glad you liked it! It really is the best soup I've ever had! Thank you for posting a link to this other thread, it was fun to hear other peoples good results and see more favorite soup recipes!

    I've tried making the French Market soup in an 8 Qt instant pot - a big failure... not enough room to be under the max fill line… And I kept getting burn messages. Had to pull everything out and just do it on the stove top. What did work out nicely was cooking the beans and the ham hock in the instant pot, a timesaver, but more dishes to wash.

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    If anyone wants to make a really, really delicious simple chicken soup, hereís my familyís recipe. All it has in it is chicken and carrots. I add noodles, too, but you could use the chicken for something else, not add extra carrots, and just keep the broth for more hearty soups. Thereís just no comparison to using this rather than a store bought base.

    In cheesecloth bundle:
    Onion, celery (with leaves if possible), carrot, parsnip, turnip, parsley, tons of dill.

    A cut up chicken, preferably a kosher pullet, but Iíve used grocery store fryers and roasters. Itís all good. (Also, ask your supermarket butcher to cut up a whole chicken rather than buying the cut pieces. Itís less expensive!)

    Put the chicken and bundle in a pot and fill with cold water to cover.

    Heat to boiling, skimming the scum. Then cover and simmer for 2 hours.

    Meanwhile, slice up a bunch of carrots. After 1 hour, add them to the pot with salt.

    After 2 hours, remove the chicken and cheesecloth bundle from the pot. When itís cool enough, Squeeze all the juice from the cheesecloth vegetable/herb bundle into the pot. This is what gives the soup its amazing flavor, so keep squeezing! Separate the chicken from the bones and return the chicken to the pot. Refrigerate overnight and skim the fat layer off the top. Add additional salt as necessary.

    I freeze this in batches and keep it for times of illness or need for comfort. It is Jewish penicillin, after all!

    I havenít tried making this in an Instant Pot, because itís just too small. On the stove I use an 8 qt. pot and fill it to within an inch or two of the top. Iíd love to figure out how to pare down for the IP, though, because it would be so great to be able to make it quickly and not have to store so much in the freezer.

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