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    Default abusive daycare worker story in the news

    i can't even. this is too close to home. i don't understand how anyone could do this to a 2-month old. at a daycare. why take a job taking care of babies if they frustrate you so much - i do not get it.

    i cannot imagine how these poor parents are feeling. if anything i would have thought a daycare center would be more trustworthy, due to multiple people being there. and a Montessori one - i've heard nothing but good things about the Montessori schools in our area.

    what also deeply distrurbs me is how the daycare center tried to cover it up. a "birthmark"? playing "rough"? (a 2month old).

    ETA: on google and greatschools, this place has a 5 star rating with great reviews. it's in a really nice neighborhood.
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    Wow Iím just speechless reading that. A 2-month old baby with fractures is just unimaginable. I have the same questions as you, how does all this happen at the facility without anyoneís knowledge?

    And we think a daycare would have more oversight and safety rather than a sole nanny.

    Itís hard enough to leave your infant at a daycare without having to fear for mentally unstable caretakers.

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    Hmm. Great that the offending employee is no longer there, but I'm curious who made up the birthmark and rough diaper change story. I wonder if other employees knew what was going on but nobody was courageous enough to speak out. So awful.
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    This employee had her nursing license revoked back in 2015 for drug use.
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