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    My DD and her very good friend are both Girl Scouts. We live in the same subdivision, and they happen to be in the same troop. Luckily we live in the front of our subdivision and they live in the back so I talked with her mom and we agreed to have one child sell in the front and the other sell in the back. So it worked out.

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    As a non-GS mom in a GS heavy neighborhood, I learned to not buy a ton from the first scout so that I could buy something from them all.

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    DD sells cookies and is very motivated. She begins selling at 9:00am on go day. For the past several years, she has been the only scout who would go door to door. When she was little, a friend of hers who attended a different /school and was in a different troop also sold cookies. The girls agreed to divide the "territory" for go day -- each taking one side of the street. A couple times, I would take both girls and they would take turns selling at a particular house.

    I think cookie selling etiquette means -- 1) don't sell before Go day and Go time. 2) Be courteous to everyone you meet -- potential customers and sister girl scouts. 3) Be respectful of people's property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnoliaparadise View Post
    My girl scout kids went around our neighborhood last year. I think other kids had, too. I don't think you need to ask your neighbor.

    Some neighbors bought a box or two from my kids merely because they said they always bought from any girl scout who asked (as other posters have said). At least one that I remember, maybe a couple, declined because they had already bought from another girl scout or had daughters who were girl scouts. A few actually just declined without any reason at all, which is life, but I was surprised - but who knows, maybe they don't have much money or are just tired of people coming to their door. My daughters were disappointed, but I just told them that that's what happens when you try to sell. And enough people happily bought from them that they were fine and cheery by the end.
    I'm one of those who would just say No to girl scout cookies. I can't stomach the price anymore. When I see them selling in front of a store or if it is a girl I know and I have cash on me I'll give a small donation for the troop. But I can't spend $4 on a single box of cookies (with not many inside)
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