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    Default Hits and Misses 2018

    Mostly all hits. Not really a miss, but the AG Melody's recording studio has gotten just about as much play as I expected (not much). I'm pretty sure this is our last year with Santa, so he went out with a bang. There's no way Mommy and Daddy would be dumb enough to buy it. Big hit was the Nintendo Switch from Grandma, and Super Smash Brothers game to go with it. The big present is a trip to Universal in January. I got some really cool "Hogwarts" letters and packing lists from Etsy for them to open, which went over big.
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    DS2 had a list a mile long of retired Lego sets. He has been talking about one of them for over a year. It is listed on Amazon for $350. Thanks to Ang79 I was able to purchase it NIB for just over retail!! He was over the moon excited when he saw it. Almost 3,000 pieces and he built it by himself today. I think he would sleep with it if he could!

    DS1 had mentioned the big Hogwarts castle when it first came out but due to the price tag he hadn’t bothered putting it on his list. Santa brought it and he was blown away. We’re planning on building it as a family - each of us building a few pages then swapping out. We started building it today and it was so much fun. I can’t wait to see it all together. Crazy expensive but I’m looking forward to the family time we’ll get putting it together.

    They haven’t opened much else yet. I’ll update once they open other things.
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    DS1 loved his gaming keyboard I got on Amazon lightening deals
    DS2 likes his clothes and really liked his books shockingly. He’s reading divergent now thanks mamas
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    DS loved his paw patrol skye’s ultimate helicopter and his new legos. He and I put together a space shuttle and then he and DH put together a helicopter.

    DH took him to the mall a couple of weeks ago to pick out gifts for me and his sister. The gift he chose for me was a paw patrol matching game. His explanation about wanting to play it together with me was so sweet that DH let him give it to me, so the 3 of us played it today too.

    DD is really too young to get it, and she was cranky and overwhelmed today. She is getting a couple of molars and was sick last week so she’s just had a rough time lately. She played some with a few things but there wasn’t one stand out favorite.

    My favorite gift was a canvas of my favorite picture of the kids. DH got a really nice rice cooker he had wanted and used it to make us fried rice for lunch which we and DD loved.

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    No misses here. The Nintendo switch was a hit, and both of my boys have been busy playing with a beyblade thing my youngest DS asked for.

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    No real misses this year, unlike last year. DS1 loved his Nintendo switch while DS2 loved his super Mario Kart game.

    DS1 was thrilled to get his echo dot and DS2 with his razor scooter and big workshop. Between all the grandparents, they got more switch games, Cuzco robot which was a huge hit much to my surprise. We’ll see if this thing gets a lot of play beyond few days! DS1 also got his Messi soccer shirt which he is beyond thrilled with.

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    So far all hits here. Some more than others.

    DS1 got a lock pick set and some locks. He is very excited and figured out one already. He also got a new phone and a laptop, which were huge hits. He had nothing on his list, really, other than the laptop and phone. So I'm happy I got him some things he liked.

    DD got her first phone and was very surprised and happy. She also got fuzzy pajamas and a super soft robe, which she has not taken off. Oh, and a 2nd monitor for her desktop computer. She likes to watch You Tube videos of animation and drawing and then do it too. So, now she can put the video on top and use the lower one for herself.

    DS2 was incredibly surprised at a PS4. Yay! He also is enjoying the Turing Tumble. Because Santa needed something for him still (not the PS4), he got a gaming keyboard (didn't know about a lightning deal!). It was a guess on my part, but he loves it. He's changed the key colors a few times and really is having fun.

    The only thing I'm not positive about is the Raspberry Pis that they all got from my in-laws. I think they are too new and different, but hopefully while they are all home this week, DH can get into them with them.

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    There were no real misses, but the hits were a surprise to me:

    DS1 (9) asked for a Tynker subscription at the last minute and I purchased it last night. He’s been playing on it off and on all day. He is also really enjoying his Cue Robot and mini Sphero. He’s already put together his Knex Kforce Bow set. I thought it would take him a bit longer.

    I purchased the Little Tikes STEM Jr Tornado Tower as a last minute gift for DS2 (3) on Wednesday because it was on sale for less than $8. He has already burned through one set of batteries! He also really likes his Lakeshore Learning Magna Doodle-type toy.

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    Pretty much everything has been a hit with 7 yr old DS -- hot wheels sto n go and city playsets, beyblades (this has probably gotten the most play!), and a punching bag. Pretty much everything has been a miss with the 20 month old....all he cares about is anything his older brother has!!
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    The biggest hits here were the Jelly Belly Bean-Boozled boxes in the stockings, and the Mastermind Marathon that has been going on all day. Thanks to BBB for pointing out that last minute Mastermind deal.....I had never heard of it and would have never given it a second glance, but the whole family loved it.

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