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    Default PMS symptoms changing

    I'm 37, so I think still a little young for peri-menopause according to google. Every few months though I get these crazy awful PMS symptoms. This month it's really hitting me and is the worst yet. I can start feeling myself getting incredibly irritable about 1.5 weeks before my period is supposed to start. And it just gets worse as the time goes on. My emotions are all over the place. Today I got a completely unreasonable email from someone and so I've cried about it on and off for 2 hours. It's totally not reasonable for me to be that upset about it either. Like I just need to move on and normally would if I wasn't in this "mood". Then I've been extremely cold and this morning was having what I think may have been a hot flash. Not to mention I'm spotting. I've been spotting for about a week before my period for the last six or so months, so that part isn't new but the intensity of the other symptoms is. The spotting is also heavier than it has been, but still definitely spotting. What on earth is happening to me? Is this what happens when you get close to 40 or is there something else I should be concerned about. I have my yearly checkup next month, but just wondered if this was "normal" or something I should be more concerned about. I will say this, I am not looking forward to menopause because this is just ridiculous!

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    No real advice, but I am around the same age. When AF returned after being pregnant and nursing DS it was incredibly heavy. This lasted for about a year before I finally brought it up to my gyn. She said I was at the age where cycles begin to change. I got a nexplanon implant and AF rarely visits now... maybe once a year. So that was my solution, I just don't deal with it anymore, lol

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    I'm older than you but my symptoms are also changing. This may be TMI, but I now have severe diarrhea before my period, when that was never ever the case before. My headaches come and go, unpredictably now as well. My mood -- well...that's all over the place as well. This is no fun.

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