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    Default Christmas dinner - what meat to cook?

    Who has a special but easy meat for Christmas dinner? I think my kids want to do something different from turkey. They like steak so I could always do that (and it's easy) but I would love to do something a little more special. What do you do?

    Are the small birds like quail or cornish hens good? Beef Wellington (though that sounds like a ton of work)? We will have a ham that's store-bought.

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    My sister has done a pork tenderloin the last few years, that had been really good.
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    If your kids like beef, why don't you do a beef tenderloin or prime rib, depending on how many people you are having? I do prime rib with a horseradish sauce on the side for Christmas Eve, and serve it with a nicer salad, garlic mashed potatoes or a potato gratin, string beans with shallots, and sometimes burgundy mushrooms (a recipe I got from a BBBer, actually).
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    My family loves the pre-seasoned standing rib roast from Costco. It's so flavorful and delicious. I don't follow the cooking instructions on the package, but instead follow the Serious Eats instructions for the reverse sear method. I wanted to try a porchetta for Christmas dinner this year, but got a resounding NO from family members.
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    My mom does an excellent filet with onions sautéed in a chili sauce on top. It is my favorite special meal. She cooks the filet first and the sauce separately in a saute pan. Then for the last bit of cooking, she adds the sauce to the meat. We cook it to rare/medium rare.

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    We do duck with a cherry rosemary sauce. It’s always a hit with whoever is here

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