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    Quote Originally Posted by nfceagles View Post
    Miss: Catan. We opened it up to learn how to play, watched YouTube videos, set up the board and then found all the buildings and roads and robber piece missing. Turns out a lot of recent reviews on Amazon have similar problems.

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    What a bummer! I wonder if customer service would help. My kids have played several times since Christmas morning and are loving it:

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    Hits for DD (9): electric scooter, 3D Doodler, bath bomb kit, Crazy Aaron’s putty making kit, Costco art set

    Hits for DS (11): Garmin Vívosport, Gaming headset, pro controller for Switch, mini Ripstick, DropMix music game

    No misses yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmsmom View Post
    Crazy Aaron’s putty making kit
    I forgot about this, it was a big hit with DD. She had mentioned it once and I got it because it was on sale at the Girl Scout Shop. I had no idea that it was a big want on her list, glad I got it!

    Update on the AG Melody's recording studio: DDs have been playing with it a lot once the excitement of the Switch wore off a bit. It's really well designed, and you can record yourself singing. They've been singing "This Little Light of Mine" and "Lift Every Voice and Sing" along with Melody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PZMommy View Post
    ... We got the Splatoon game for the switch. Turns out now the whole game is played online and it costs a yearly $35 subscription to play after already paying $60 for the game. ...
    Oh wow, I had no idea and this had been on DD's wish list ... but then I removed it when it was harder to find. (Add that to the fact that DH and I are not crazy about having her play online games because she's so naive and immature, so it's probably for the best.)
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