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    Default Beinniner HIIT videos and any tips on starting with Fitness Blender?

    I need to add some HIIT to my routine. I currently only do walking (although this includes uphill walking), and am probably not in great shape as far as HIIT kind of exercise. I read the threads related to HIIT and Fitness Blender and these seem like good places to start. I googled beginner HIIT both on Fitness blender and on youtube. Just wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations about how to start; some of these look hard for me and I do have some knee pain (nothing serious, but I don't want to aggravate it).

    Also, if you use Fitness Blender, do you have any tips on how you make use of the site? Do you sign up, use the calendar, do anything else or do you just google what you want?

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    I love Fitness Blender! Generally they recommend that beginners start with their low-impact workouts, especially if you have any joint pain. I've used FB off and on for a couple of years - first I would just choose a workout and do it, using their search options to find the difficulty level, workout type, and something that matched the amount of time I had that day. This fall, I signed up for a free account so that I could use the calendar, and started scheduling workouts for myself, using the same method of searching but planning ahead more so that I didn't spend 15 minutes just looking for a workout to do each day. At the beginning of November, I purchased my first program (I started with the FB30 trial), then bought another (FB30 Round 3) on Black Friday, and that has really been the key to me being consistent to work out 6 days/week. It's the same workout videos either way, but the programs have curated the workout schedule for you to be balanced (so you get a mix of different types of exercise, working all parts of the body) with rest built into it as well. After you purchase a program, you choose what date you want to start the program, and it automatically schedules it all out on the calendar for you, which makes it totally "open and go" - just click on today's date on the calendar and do the videos there. The bonus is that once you buy it, you have it for life and can repeat the program as many times as you'd like!

    So if you wanted to try a program, their Low Impact program is often recommended as a good place to begin. It doesn't say that it has HIIT, but it has pretty much everything else, including cardio. Otherwise you could try some of their level 3 HIIT workouts; sometimes they do give low impact modifications. I really love that they offer their videos for free because it makes it so accessible to anyone, and you can try it out to see if you like it. I also love that they are just normal people on their videos - they are sweating and breathing hard and encouraging you to keep going, rather than acting like the workouts are easy.

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