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    I have sent my older DD to 3 weeks of summer camp in the past. She liked it a lot, especially the first summer. This being said, if I had to choose budget-wise between a family vacation or summer camp, I would choose family vacation hands down. I think it is important to do things as a family and have those experiences, time for bonding, memory. That being said, if I could find reasonable financial options, as others have mentioned, I would try to do both and give your older child that time.

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    All 3 of them have had camp weekends (and gotten a taste) with DH through the Y-Guides program. They all want to go away for a week.

    At 13, so many of the camps are 3-4 weeks only. Maybe she can just go to church camp and be happy with that. I do think she would benefit from the independence.

    We are also renovating our kitchen this Jan-Mar so we want to watch expenses.

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    We have lots of 1 week camp options near me. I didn't know that was uncommon. We do send ds2 to a church run one- it's less than $400 for a week and he loves it!

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