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    Default Best Infant seats (bucket style) to by in 2019?

    A friend is purchasing an infant seat as a gift, wants to buy the traditional bucket style, to be used in a Camry and Nissan Murano. Budget not a huge issue, I mean not an Orbit or anything. I'm so out of the loop on this stuff!

    Best seats to buy?

    Thank you!

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    What stroller does she want/plan to get?

    I think I'm getting the Mico Max 30 only because I can get adapters to make it compatible with my B-Ready and City Mini double. (Not really looking to buy new strollers for kid #4 although it's tempting...)

    I know the Chicco infant seat is still really popular, as is Graco's and Britax...

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    I LOVE my Nuna Pipa. It is so light and the rigid latch base install is amazing. It installs easy baseless also. It is compatible with Maxi Cosi adapters for strollers. It is not the smallest front to back, though. It’s not huge but there are some seats that are shorter (I can’t remember which ones)
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    I am a big fan of the Chicco KeyFit30. They make adapters for most strollers, and it is incredibly easy to install correctly. It isn't the longest lasting seat on the market, but it lasts as long as most people tend to use infant seats. (My kids were on the smaller side, so both still fit in it well at 14 months, but preferred to be more upright in a convertible seat before that.)
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    Three cousins have had babies in the last six months and one went with the Uppa Baby Mesa, and the other two went with the Nuna Pippa. All three are big researchers so they must be the best seats and travel system because they all bought the stroller as well.

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