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    Default If you have remodeled your kitchen what did you get rid of and what did you add?

    Put a big cabinet above fridge and have them pull it out so it looks built in ... lots of appliance storage Image1550550822.722303.jpgImage1550550838.050305.jpg

    Iíd also take this time to purge things you donít use or see if can pare back. You have a toaster, a toaster oven and a microwave but donít have much counter space. Iíd consider a micro hood so microwave is off the counter. My MIL has a convection microhood and it doubles as 2nd oven for her. I have double oven range and I use the small top oven all the time, way more than the bigger oven, I got rid of the toaster oven and donít miss it. I have this in electric, i plan to replace with gas version now I have a gas line but itís still working well so Iíll wait to replace it

    Iíve got an instant pot now so thinking of donating rice cooker and maybe even the crockpot. Or I may move them to garage cabinet and if I donít use it in next year, then Iíll donate it.

    I cook a lot from scratch and found I could pare down a lot of kitchen items.

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    The laundry room has definite potential. That narrow cabinet next to the kitchen door could be replaced with a narrow pantry. Plus when you are staging, all those extra items you have in there now will be boxed up and stored, and you can stage it nicely.

    Is the larger laundry room cabinet your linen closet?

    And yes, if you can add a little counter space/cabinet on the other side of the oven it'll look better when you go to sell your home.

    Nice transformation on the bathroom! Are you going with the same contractor?

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