She is home and has been admitted to Hospice. I guess we just ride it out and see what comes. It was a real flurry yesterday to get everything ready for her, and I can see already that it will be challenging to keep our house running and take care of her, but I think/hope my girls will surprise me there.

I have mixed feelings about DH being an only child at this point. We donít have to deal with a sibling having a hard time respecting her wishes and letting go, but we do have no one to share the burden with. Some of the family in the old country is questioning her decision and our support of it, but they are not here seeing how frail she has become. I think they really are just having a hard time letting go of the last of her generation on that side, a favorite aunt.

I hope she rallies enough to enjoy some company and a last small glass of wine or beer.