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    Default High Cholesterol

    I did a search for prior threads, but most of them are quite old (though interestingly, a lot of "new" info back then such as how bad trans-fats are, and re-thinking saturated fats, seem to have gained much more momentum). In the past year, my LDL went up 30 points! I am not pleased, and am now in the borderline high category. Unfortunately, I had no idea about this and only found out bc of tests done for life insurance (boo -- I hope I still get approved at a decent rate). I just turned 45 and boy, it bites.

    Cholesterol: 213
    LDL: 132
    HDL: 64
    Triglycerides: 83

    Exercise is off and on for me. At this point, I exercise 1-3 times per week, mainly by doing a video at home, if I wake up in time, before work. I'm a single mom to 2 girls, working full time outside the house. No time or $$ to go to gym.

    I did IF for a few months (only ate between 12-8pm), but I didn't lose any weight and obv. my cholesterol is worse.

    I am what I consider to be an "average" eater (though I could be way off). I enjoy sweets and fried foods (french fries!), but don't have them every day (though I may have them a few times a week, though rarely). Don't eat a lot of red meat, except for burgers (maybe 2x/month). I minimize carbs, kinda, but not really (will skip some bread during some meals, but love my chips, and rice). Don't drink much soda at all - maybe 1 coke/month. I know I don't eat enough fish or veggies, or fruit for that matter. But the thing is I am SO CONFUSED with all the different theories out there, and what fish are actually good for you ( I read the FDA recently approved genetically modified salmon!?), all the salmonella recalls for green veggies, etc. Is coconut oil good or bad?

    Fish oil. Oatmeal. Ground flax seeds. Cutting Sugar. Cutting carbs. No trans-fats. Increasing Saturated Fats. But don't eat butter and cheese? I'm just so overwhelmed with where to begin. I realize there are lots of different takes on this, but if anyone wants to comment, I'm all ears. Thanks!
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