I was excited when I saw the title of this thread ... but itís apparently only about Birk sandals . For shoes, Iíve worn nothing but Birks for decades but sadly I havenít found any recent ones that measure up. Iíve had tie shoes, Mary Janes, slipons, tennis shoes, etc., that had that good Birk footbed and supportive uppers (I.e., leather thatís not super soft).

My only recent purchase was the Arran style, but theyíve been a great disappointment. The canvas uppers are floppier than old-time Keds, and the footbed doesnít seem to have anything like the arch etc support Iím used to.

Before I get banished to the BP, any suggestions re: available styles that would be worth a look? Or (gasp!) any other brands that offer similar footbed/arch support?

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