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    Default Which Fitbit for DD?

    DD wants a Fitbit for her 11th birthday. I’m trying to decide between the new Fitbit Inspire, or the kids Fitbit Ace.

    They are both the same price, but the Inspire is fully waterproof, and has a few more features. Only thing is, DD is very thin/small, and has tiny wrists. I’m worried the adult small wristband will be too big for her.

    She’s very low tech, like me, and probably won’t use a lot of the features anyhow.

    Does anyone’s small/thin kids have an adult Fitbit? Is the wristband ok?

    I want her to be surprised, so she can’t really try one on ahead of time.
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    The Inspire comes with both a small and large band.

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    What about the Garmin Vivofit Jr? Made for kids wrists and not as many features.
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    I would go with the Inspire. We bought our 11 yo DD the Alta HR for Christmas 2018 and she loves it. She is tall, but has TINY wrists and has no issues with the small sized band. If we were buying one today, we’d go with the Inspire HR as it replaces the Alta HR. The primary difference between the two being Inspire is waterproof. It has some other features, but those are less interesting/applicable for DD. The Ace is a good alternative, but since DD was 11 at the time we purchased, we opted for the higher level band.

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    I'd go ahead with the FitBit.

    There are plenty of 3rd party bands available if the adult one is still too large.

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    I'd go with the Inspire. DS has the original version of the Ace. The main thing I didn't realize about it was that the privacy settings on the kids' fitbits make it so that they can't compete with adults outside of their immediate family. So DS can't be on my friends list with all the other people I compete with - I have to go into the family part of the app and find him there. DS is 8 and on the small side, and we recently needed to replace the band on his (almost 1 year old) Ace. I got a small size knockoff band from Amazon and it works - he has it on the very smallest notch and there is still room but it is nowhere close to falling off.

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