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    Thanks everyone! I am surprised he even pretends to believe, but this is the first year he gave any indication of knowing. I figured being an only child, he didn't have older kids telling him else-wise. I will continue baskets for sure, since everyone likes a nice surprise of treats (candy or otherwise)
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    DS(13) has known for several years, but never acknowledges that he knows to me. Only to his dad.

    DD(10) seems to know something this year. Just hints that she's made.

    DD(6) I worry that one of the others will accidentally say something in front of her.

    As for the other, in my house growing up, we got stockings from Santa until we got married. Presents still magically appeared in the house on Christmas Eve until then. I plan to do the same. Just because they know doesn't mean that the fun stuff has to end! It's still magic to wake up Christmas morning. It's still a game to find the elf (we never did that one, but plenty of friends did).
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    I honestly don't know if my kids still believe. We generally don't discuss it, though I have not been subtle about purchasing stocking and basket fillers (my office right now has all of the basket stuff sitting here in Target bags, and I know DS (7) has seen them).

    DD2, who is 10, is perhaps the only one still trying to work things out. When she was in Kindy, our PTA sponsored a cultural-arts assembly in December, where the artist unexpectedly told all of the children that Santa isn't real and proceeded to tell the story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in great detail. Since then, she has talked a little each year about how she knows Santa must be real because her nicest gift always comes from Santa (this is true) and she doesn't think her dad and I would spend that much money on her but that since Santa makes the toys, he can afford it.
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