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    Default Rock and Play Recalled

    Fisher Price has recalled all of the Rock and Plays they ever sold.

    I remember when DD was born (2011) how much I wanted one of these for her, since she struggled with sleep so much except in the recline of her bouncer. But even then there were concerns over the safety and I could not bring myself to purchase one with the risks. But it seemed perfect for her sleep issues.
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    A lot of the issues are due to parent misuse. If you use it correctly, i.e. buckle your child in and don't let them use it once they can roll over, I think they are safe. The rock and play sleeper was the only way my DS would sleep. Once he could roll over, we stopped using it.

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    We have 2 for our newborn. (I bought another one that rocks thankfully before the recall for our second floor.) My other 3 kids survived it (and we used it for well over 3 months for the younger 2, 6ish months for DS3) plus I have lent them out to friends between our baby years. I am actually only using it currently to set our baby down safely a few minutes here or there, etc. as she is otherwise co-sleeping in bed with me. I'm comfortable still using it and now that it's eventually going to be hard to find (like bath seats were for babies that can sit up) I may keep one of them indefinitely. I have already seen posts on fb with new moms looking to buy used ones now that they can no longer buy it new. I am not sure how many parents will be especially concerned about the recall but I guess it's good there's at least increased awareness...

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    It isnít just misuse. it is also the risks of positional asphyxiation. It is the incline that is the issue as well as the use issues. Babies died from both causes.

    FP also resisted the recall.

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