Mine is in 8th. He does not have a bedtime. He stays up late and takes afternoon naps most days. We leave for school at 7:20, so hes up a bit before 7. During hockey season he often has late practices (was 8-9PM, then change, drive home, and he needs a snack...will likely be later next year since hes moving up an age group). Thats most of the school year. He started playing lacrosse this spring but that is either right after school for practice or games over before 8 (and we live 2 miles away, so not a long drive, unlike hockey which is 20-30 minutes). He is learning how to regulate himself and is super self sufficient. Hes also more progressed in puberty than a lot of 14 year old boys, so that may make a difference. I can almost guarantee I will need to be more regimented with DS2. DS2 also has ADHD and getting homework/studying done early is important where DS1 can stay up late and finish and still get As.