my mom's health really started going downhill late last year - a host of health issues plus pretty severe anxiety. last time i visited (March) my mom was having anxiety attacks regularly, moving very slowly and having anxiety over her movements being slow etc. on Mother's Day i kept trying to call and text my mom and then found out she was moving to a nursing home (at her own request - is terrified of being alone, falling etc). Eek. Then yesterday my dad told me she has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Though he sounded hopeful that at least now hopefully she would respond to medication for it prescribed by the neurologist. According to my dad the anxiety is probably the worst aspect of it - my mom now doesn't want to drive and do most anything and is basically housebound and pretty much consumed by anxiety.

anyway, any advice from those who have any BTDT is very welcome. not sure what to expect. i am rather surprised as AFAIK we have no family history of Parkinsons. my mom is only 70. my mom's mom recently passed last year at age 96, and my mom's dad passed away at age 82 (heart attack). re: anxiety, my mom has always had pretty high anxiety ever since i was a child, but now it's gotten 10x worse and is probably the most debilitating issue at the moment.

unfortunately my mom lives in another state requiring a plane ride, and i work full time so it's not like i can visit often. i feel bad as my dad is overwhelmed taking care of my mom - though he has to work during the day and my mom is at home by herself. I am planning to come for a few days during memorial day weekend by myself so i can visit and help my mom in any way. My mom has always been extremely social and have lots of friends she talks to, but she is at the point where many of her friends are also dealing with their own health issues or have passed away,which of course makes it difficult.

thanks all for reading.