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    Default How many days for Cedar Point?

    Contemplating a trip this summer from NY. How many days would be best for Cedar Point? Any other ideas on places to see along the way. We would most likely take a full week. TIA
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    Default How many days for Cedar Point?

    We only ever do 2 nights and one park day. We stay at Breakers. We arrive by 3pm to do dinner and beach stuff. They do offer hotel guests a cheap(er) after 4 admission ticket too. We always go during Cedar Point nights in mid/late July because they have a lot of fun activities along the lake all evening long (yay dance glow party!). Also, the park is open until midnight so we go for hours!
    Last year was our first time having Express Lane passes and they were nice but I kind of missed having to be strategic and enjoying time with the family in line. On the other hand, we liked having down time at the beach because we had lots of free time since no park lines. Being able to re-ride as much as possible is sweet though.

    3 nights and 2 Park days would definitely allow for ample hotel/ beach relaxation and enough park time.

    Last year was our first year with bad weather. As a result, some of the daytime beach activities we’ve relied on weren’t open. It kind of was a bummer. Dh and ds2 usually just chill at the beach as they don’t love amusement parks.

    Other places to explore:
    Hocking Hills to rent a nice cabin and take in some nature.
    Down to Columbus for their great zoo
    Nemacolin Woodlands and Fallingwater could potentially be en route depending on how you go.
    Hershey Park

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    I think it depends on the day you go and the pace you want to go at. I used to live about an hour from there, and drove over, did one long day, and drove home completely exhausted a couple of times. I went with friends who were very experienced and strategic with amusement parks, so we were easily able to do all the big stuff once and a couple of smaller things or repeat rides (didn't do any beach time). But it was a long, hard day. It could be that or it could be two moderate and less exhausting days, depending on your family's preference.
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    Max two days in the park. One if you spring for the pass that lets you skip the lines.

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