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OP, if you are going to request an IEP, I would send the letter now and get the process started. IME school district offices are open and working for several weeks after school is over. Once you submit your request, the school has to follow a specific timeframe. You want this timeframe to start running ASAP, so that if your daughter qualifies, the IEP is in place as early as possible in the school year. I would also submit any evaluations and diagnosis at the meeting. While they are not binding, the school must take them into consideration.

Good luck!

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Agree with above. I know you mentioned schools been out a week or so. Send letter in now, so ideally DD May have something in place by late Fall. Vs starting process first week of school and services likely wonít be in place till after Xmas break which is practically halfway done of year.

I know my district school front offices is open for whole month of July on reduced schedule. This is so to deal with last min new student admission, medical info, and a zillion other things.

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