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    Default Shopping Woes aka I cant get it together

    On Sunday I went to bjs to get laundry soap, tp and ham. When I got back to the car, I saw I forgot the ham and went back inside to buy it.
    On Mon, I realized I had no salad ..... back to BJs I went.
    on Wed, we ran out of milk. went back.
    On TH I realized the sunscreen dd needed for field trip was expired and nearly empty. Plus I needed iced tea.. off to BJS
    Friday am, the salad is gone. stop by on my way home.
    Today, I made myself a sandwich....... and darn it.... there are only 4 slices of bread left. I'm going to have to go back

    My head is spinning with all the end of the year things to do, kids are off the wall, staff is leaving school and the stress of knowing its going to be a LONG summer. I just cant keep anything straight.
    dd1 10/05
    dd2 11/09
    and 2 cocker spaniels

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    Ugh I've been there and have the multiple Shipt order receipts from one week to prove it. Last week I hit the grocery store in the morning and then a gas station for forgotten milk in the afternoon and then still realized I was out of a critical dinner ingredient. Maycember is real.

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    That’s me but with Target. I ALWAYS forget one thing!

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