OK, so my DH and I planned to got to Aruba this August for our 20th anniversary. When we asked the kids if they minded. no family vacation so we could afford it my 16 DS said. ďMom, I only go on family vacations to make you happy, Iím happy staying home.Ē My DD was, ďAs long as I can go to Paris when I turn 16.Ē And neither one wanted camps. Done! So we booked in March.

The monkey wrench was it turned out I needed spine surgery after we booked, but now that I am 2 weeks post op, I think this will be doable for me. The surgeon basically said, get your husband to carry the luggage. So, we are staying at Tara and Bacuti right on low rise Eagle Beach. I know that Aruba is small. We got one night booked an a really nice restaurant (Senses) for our actually anniversary dinner. I can walk and things, but I will have lifting restrictions and should not put a lot of stress on lower spine with twisting and such. I will have better idea near vacation of my abilities, still 9 weeks out. (I donít even start PT for 4 more weeks and I am out of work for 3 months!)

So, I looking for any recommendations. Restaurants, a nice boat tour, casino, etc. Iíve crossed ATV, wind surfing that stuff off. We donít need to do a lot. Just be nice to do a couple of things over 7 days. Iím also going to contact the conceierge at the hotel, we staying at a small, couples oriented place that really caters to the guests.