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    Default Where are you buying your kids shoes now that Payless is out of business?

    DD2 (9) likes the Champion brand shoes (especially for sleep away camp), their fake Uggs, plus my kids always seem to need an occasional dress shoe, or basic black shoe for alter serving or band (for Dd1), but now I am a bit of a loss because most of the time I find Nordstrom Rack disorganized and I hate searching for shoes there (although I think DD2 kind of enjoys it!), and my Target doesnít have a great selection of kids shoes (Dd2 still wears a kids size 2....she inherited tiny feet from an unknown ancestors!). I havenít been impressed with Kohlís either. I did find DD2 two pairs of dress sandals recently in a pinch for $30/each on Zappos, but I hate having to order multiple pairs and ship what doesnít fit back (I already have to do that for myself) and kids shoe shopping shouldnít be hard or expensive especially for growing feet. I think we might have to try Famous Footwear next as we finally have one again in my area, but in general I am really going to miss Payless and I had some really great quality shoes (for the price) over the years.
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    I've always bought from Amazon, Zappos, and Nike. I don't think I've ever bought my kids shoes in person!

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    We do really well ordering Saucony sneakers online from Dick’s. They seem to have sales frequently. I order multiple pairs When I find them for less than $24. I generally buy two pair in each whole size and have them rotate so the shoes have time to air out between uses. We need one pair of dress shoes each year and I have bought at Nordstrom and Payless in a pinch. I’ll be keeping my eye out for new dress shoes online at Nordstrom Rack for next year. If I strike out, we’ll head to Nordstrom and get it done. I HATE shopping for kids shoes at Nordstrom Rack. I just don’t have the patience for it.
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    My kids donít need many shoes so I just buy on Nordstrom. Nordstrom Rack online works too.
    For one off dress shoes, I always start at Once Upon a Child. I can find great, cheap, barely worn shoes for weddings and such.

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