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    Default Radioactive thyroid treatment

    My dh starts treatment today. He will be in the basement during the time. My question is can he be in the kitchen/parts of the house at all. Itís a little scary to me.

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    I'm so sorry. I don't know the answer to your question, but I wanted to send you positive thoughts that all goes well.
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    There is a lot of good information from reputable sources online.

    I have read that for the first few days to use paper plates/plastic utensils. Will he be using a bathroom that others will be using, you are supposed to wipe down a toilet, flush a few times, wipe down the counter a lot.

    I would think the doctors giving the treatment would be able to answer all your questions, but it's quite safe and him being in the basement is plenty of distance from you.

    You are not pregnant and you don't have a baby in the house so the risks are low.

    Yes, he can be in the kitchen etc, but limit what he's doing/touching for the first few days. I wouldn't have him cooking or prepping food for the first few days.

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    So different than when I had my treatments when I was told to stay home from parties for the weekend and not kiss anyone and that was it! I was in college and super mad b/c I had a big party planned for that night. Cant remember if I went or not. I know for sure I didnt take any other precautions.
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