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    In my view as a very slow former runner is that the next logical step would be a 10k. I would try to have him build to a 10k and do a few of those before running the half.
    A 10K or a team relay was the suggestion of DH who has no credentials other than he has run many marathons and triathlons. He felt your DS would be fine either way, but if you wanted to set DS up for success of loving this and starting with good baseline of expectations and managing his endurance, it was best to step up from what he has done in the past (5k) to a 10k first. Especially with his first desire was to run a full marathon, he may not have realistic expectations. Without his coach saying, "he's ready" and his current group leader having reservations, I would encourage a smaller race with a longer one down the road. So, not "no", but "not now." How close is the 1/2 anyway? There are 1/2 all the time here so it would be easy to set a goal for one 9 months away, for example.

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    Another option would be to start training for one of those obstacle course/mud run type races. Those are very popular here with kids that are into fitness and running/strength training and are more appropriate for growing bones/kids.

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    Thanks for the continued responses! He has done a 5k, so 10k would be the next up; I don't see those around here a lot. As far as his "readiness", I believe people think he has the endurance and possibly even judgment to do it. He is training with a group of adults once/week (and does more on his own). The issue is the repeated strain on the joints, etc, rather than his readiness, I believe.

    Ds is really driven about this. In one way that makes me want to allow him to do it. On the other hand, I think he will stress his joints too much and is unlikely to stop with this race (it wont be a one time thing), so I continue to lean toward not allowing it. By coincidence a pediatrician will lead their training group next week (at least they are planning that), so hopefully I can talk to him or her. I did ask ds' pediatrician as well, but the answer is not conclusive.
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