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    Default Invites via Facebook?

    What is the etiquette on being invited to a party via Facebook? I logged in the other day and I see an alert that I have an invite. The link takes me to a graduation party for two girls I have never spoken to (have had maybe 2 conversations with their mom). I donít even know if Iím invited? Or if this is for my DS1 who is around their ages but doesnít have a FB account. I hate ignoring invitations but I feel like I need like at least a paragraph to understand what this is actually about. And Iím annoyed that now Iím somehow on the hook for doing the legwork to understand this event that I donít think Iíll be attending to make sure that I decline properly. (The Kim friended me because she sells as part of a MLM company)

    What do I need to do here? Am I out of line to be irritated by these kinds of invites? (Iím FINE with invites via evite, text or phone call for the record!)

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    PS what I know or the girls is that theyíre wonderful. Weíre just not close!

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    I donít think thatís anything to do with facebook, just lack of specifics on the invite?

    Iíve used Facebook invites before, usually for family parties cause then everyone has the time and date and place. I donít find it substantially different from evite.

    I think I would just decline....there should be a button for additional explanation necessary.

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    I got an invite years ago to a Halloween party for my kids. Our older kids were same age, so it isnít Facebook for the lack of details. Sounds like just poor output of info by the hostess.

    I would just decline altogether, especially if you donít know her. That particular person just probably just put it on eblast to everyone on her FB list vs selecting whoís yup want from your FB list.

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    I've gotten the type of invite that obviously went to everyone on their fb friend list and I've gotten a specific invite for DS2, a party organized via fb. I would decline. Graduation parties are a dime a dozen this year and the reality is you just can't attend all the parties and give all the gifts to all of the graduates.

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    Well, since you mentioned that they might be really inviting your son, I'd ask him if he wants to go to them unless there's no way to go.

    I'm not really sure why this annoys you more than an evite, since they usually seem to have similar levels of information to a Facebook invite. I've gotten more than one evite and had to go to my kids to find out whose friend this is, etc.

    I've been using Facebook events for my kids' parties for a few years now, although that's mainly for family. It works well, and keeps the invite info in a spot they can find easily so I don't get five texts the morning of asking "What time are we supposed to be there, again?"
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    I don't know why they irritate me too--they feel more like spam. Though I've only gotten invites for commercial events or MLM "parties" via FB. I would just ignore it and assume they sent it out to their entire friend list.

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    Sometimes people donít have easy access to emails but hate FB or can find the parent on FB. Iíve been invited to gatherings but for smaller events and people I knew. Iíd ask your son and assume you are not invited or just decline. It isnít anything to be irritated about. Declining is okay.

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    I’ve never gotten an evite that specified who’s invited. I always have to email and ask if it’s twin A or B. So, I’m used to having to clarify, it’s not a big deal. I think this is more an issue with your friend rather than FB. She may see this as a business opportunity. Not that she’ll necessarily be selling to her guests, but that she feels she needs to invite her clients. Regardless, unless you think your DS wants to go, declining is easy enough. If he doesn’t want to go.

    My kids have never been invited to a party vŪa FB. Probably because they’re not old enough to have accounts.
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    I definitely wouldn't feel bad declining (unless your DS actually wants to go, which it sounds like he doesn't even really know them). To me it just looks like she's hoping for a big turnout/bash for her DD's graduation and invited everyone in her FB friend list, or messed up on FB and accidentally invited everyone on her friend list.

    I would just decline and congratulate her on her daughters when you next see her.
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