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    Default Vitamix 5300 refurbished for 230$. Is this a good deal

    Is this a good Vitamix to buy? It will be out first one.. Wanting to make nut butters, smoothies, Ginger garlic paste etc...

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    My general rule if thumb about used stuff is this:
    Private sellers (like yard sales) Never more that 30% new since there is no recourse after you buy. Just love those people that want you to buy a huge Pottery Barn bunk bed for 70% of list and then you have dissembled, move it and reassemble it.

    Refurbished from the company or certified refurbished center:
    Is this something that every goes on significant sale? If I want something Iím usually stalking it for a while. I know years ago I was stalking Vitamixes, but decided a Ninja was just fine. I think I spent a decade staking kitchen aid mixers and attachments! How niche is the product? I just bought a Wacom Mobile Studio for my daughter. Itís really the only true option for what she wants. Everything else is a compromise. It came with a year guarantee. I got and extra 20% off. I took it because I had followed it long enough to know prices donít change much. Even then I had to wait until the right one popped up on the website.

    In this case since itís a huge banner my guess is Vitamix does this fairly frequently. You could probably do a google search and find. How bad do you want it? It does seem to be significantly below other refurbished Vitamix and itís got a 5 yr warranty. So if I really want it and had the cash I would pull the trigger.

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    We got a refurb and it was fine. Covered under warranty... if youíll use it, go for it!

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    You can get 5% back through ebates, too.

    I purchased a refurb from Vitamix last year, and it seemed brand new. So my experience w/them was great.
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    Costco has the Vitamix E320 on discount periodically throughout the year. It's normally $349.99 and can be $50 to $70 off during those discount periods. So as low as $279.99 for a new Vitamix E320 from Costco. That's a low profile jar model. So if you want a brand new one, low profile jar, you could wait for a Costco special to come around. I think it was $70 off in May.
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