Iíd really appreciate some advice and hopefully some reassurance.
I sometimes notice that my 2 year old son hands shake very slightly when heís eating or holding something. I noticed it first 6 months ago and since then have been so aware of it, I am always looking for it and it really scares me when I see it. I hadnít noticed it for ages but today he had a temperature and I noticed it again and now Iím back watching for it constantly.
He doesnít do it always, just there he had dinner and was holding his fork and it was totally steady. But after dinner I noticed it once when he was holding something. I asked him to hold his hand out with the thing he was holding in it and then There was no shaje at all.
Iím hoping that itís jusy part of his fine motor skills developing and heíll grow out of it but I am scared it could be something serious.
I am a very anxious mum and anxiety often gets the better of me.
Has Anyoneís baby donw this?
Iíd love to hear from you
Thank you