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    Default ISO Summer meal ideas

    We have a pool and I find we like to swim late afternoons. The sun has warmed the water and weíre relaxing after having been out during the day. Last night we swam until 7:30 then inside to dry off, shower and change. I had taken fish out of the freezer but didnít start cooking until 8:15. Thatís really late for us to be eating dinner. I would love ideas for quick, easy, nutritious dinners that I can prep or prepare ahead of time for after we swim. TIA
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    I'm trying to eat lots more veggies. One thing I made this week that can be quick and easy was I quickly sauteed garlic, ginger, and scallions. Then added a bunch of veggies from the fridge - snap peas, red peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, kale, carrots, and sauteed for a few minutes - really all dente. I put a soy/fish sauce/rice vinegar sauce together and poured it over, with some tofu I'd quickly pan fried. I put this all over rice noodles which barely need to cook. So yummy, and if the veggies are cut up in advance, could be really quick.
    I also made a salad with beets I microwaved, goat cheese, kale and arugula. Drizzled it with olive oil and vinegar and salt. You could add chicken, but I didn't. You could add chickpeas, carrots, cukes. A toasted baguette.
    Grilling is good in these situations too - corn, sausages, portabellos, bread, burgers.

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    One of my favorites is quinoa with arugula, feta, slivered almonds and dried blueberries. I use the Briannaís homestyle blush wine vinaigrette (with the strawberry on the front) with it.

    Another one we do a lot is chop red onion, cucumber, tomato, avocado, snow peas, peppers, etc and use the same dressing on it. We sometimes add grilled shrimp or chicken and make French bread crostini to go with it

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    Our family love pasta with marinated tomato sauce.

    You can make the sauce ahead of time. You can even make the dish and keep it in the fridge until serving.

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    hummus and veggies/chips to dip
    burgers on the grill with corn, salad

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    Taco salad! Make the meat earlier in the day and put in the fridge with beans mixed in. Then add whatever toppings-- cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, diced avocado. We're on our second night of eating taco salad!
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    Is there any chance you'd want to pack it up and take it to the pool, if you're at home beforehand? We've taken burgers, quesadillas, beef n broccoli, anything we'd take for lunch TO the pool as our family can't wait until 8pm to eat. This year our first practice was at 6, so we were able to eat a quick dinner at home when DH arrived, then bike to practice. It was such a relief not to have it be an issue.

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