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We were at the south rim. I didn’t see any automatic gates. We got there right around 8am. There were maybe 4 cars in front of us. The lines moved fairly quickly. I don’t think it was overly crowded. There were people there, but we had no problems walking around and seeing what we wanted to see. We only stayed until 1:00 as my younger DS was DONE. lol In his defense he has low muscle tone and walking a lot is tiring for him. I would have liked to go to some more of the viewing points, but we needed to call it a day.
Thank you for the report! Sounds like it wouldn't be too awful then. We live near RMNP and there are times when it's worse than Disneyworld with the crowds and lines and traffic. We just avoid it at certain times of year even though we love going!

If you have any tips or advice having just been there feel free to PM me - don't want to completely hijack your thread.