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Thread: My car keys

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    We drive Subarus so they have actual keys. You just need the key part to open the door and turn on the ignition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnuggleBuggles View Post
    But extra keys are insanely expensive, at least for our car. At least $200. Not the same for others?

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    My old car was $450 for a new key. My husband's recent used car only came with one key. We attempted to get a dup made from a "compatible" key bought on eBay. The locksmith could *almost* get it to work, but it failed on the last step of the programming. New key from dealer? $900. NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

    Luckily, my husband randomly met the person that sold the vehicle to the dealer and he swore up and down he turned in two keys to the dealer when he traded it in.

    We raised hell and after swearing they didn't have it for three weeks, basically calling the seller a liar and us annoying for calling about it, they did find it. (Actually a really nice lady in accounting found it. The sales team probably never even looked for it.)

    My husband and I purchased two cars on the same day from them, as did the seller. So, four purchases and two trade-ins out of us, and we get treated like crap. I loathe car dealers.

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