In Utah, July 24th is a state holiday and fireworks are allowed. So, some of my neighbors sat out at our community park area (which borders my property) and did aerial fireworks for an hour. I was mildly annoyed that there were loud bangs right outside my child's bedroom window and that we could hear the debris falling onto our roof.
Then this morning I noticed that the entire community park lawn is littered with little cardboard debris from their fireworks. A few hours later when DS went out back to play I noticed that my entire back lawn is also covered in firework cardboard and my 2-month old trampoline is covered in those tiny firecracker rocks that will grind in and make holes. Yay. So I quickly swept and vaccuumed up what I could from the trampoline before DS and his friend could grins them in too much.
Then I posted on our neighborhood nextdoor forum asking for the responsible parties to please clean up my yard and the community park.
Yeah, I'm sure my relationship with these 3 particular families will be toast now. I will be the grumpy prude of the neighborhood.
But seriously? I'm tired of cleaning up after people. Should I really just be expected to spend my afternoon picking cardboard chunks off my lawn?