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    Default ISO Paris tour company recommendations

    I would like to book a tour or two for our trip to Paris. DC are 9 yo and 11 yo. Please share favorite tour companies as well as any companies you regretted using. Thank you!!

    ETA: Please share any other Paris favorites - restaurants, dessert spots, shopping spots, etc.

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    We did the Notre Dame tour with Paris Muse last fall and enjoyed it a lot. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to do that tour but I would recommend trying their other tours. We also used Context Travel for tours in Florence and loved them and I know they do tours in Paris as well. Our girls were 6 & 10 at the time.
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    We also used Paris Muse, but for two different tours. One was at the Louvre and the other was a walking tour about the French Revolution. My kids were 8, 11, and 14 at the time and the guide was amazing at reaching all of them. We also did a chocolate and pastry tour of the Marais, which was the neighborhood where we were staying, that was also very good. I booked that through Viator and donít remember the tour company.

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    We also did Paris Muse for the Louvre and French Revolution Tour and they were wonderful! Just having someone who knew the Louvre so well and could get around quickly without a map was worth it. (Our French Rev guide recommended Le Relais De l'Entrecote for dinner, it was near where we finished up and our timing was good to get in line for the 7pm opening. If you like salad, steak and fries (and green "secret sauce") this is the place for you! Menu is only wine and dessert - if you're eating there it's steak frites. We all loved it even our kids who are afraid of "weird" things lol.)

    The electric bike tour through Paris Charms and Secrets was amazing! They hit a lot of lesser-known sites and the bikes were very easy to use for all ages (our tour group was probably age 5-50ish).

    DDs are 13 and 15 and really liked all three of these tours.

    ETA: And of course Angelina's for the best Hot Chocolate EVER.

    One more thing - be aware that hamburgers are not hamburgers like here. It's basically raw ground beef. Someone had warned me about this before going and I saw people order it and try to send it back two separate times. If you like rare it's probably fine!
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    I just booked a trip to London and Paris for spring break and am starting to plan. Iím usually a do-it-yourselfer but traveling alone with two kids has me considering using Paris Muse. Do you tip on top of the regular fee? Looks like most of the tours are running $350 and up. Lots of decisions to be made!

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