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    Default Trying to decide if my cat will tolerate a kitten; we have been offered one

    ETA: Nevermind, my friend now thinks her sister gave the cat to someone else, even though she told my friend she would hold it until we made the decision. I completely understand wanting to find it a home, and am relieved we did not take it only to have her not want to take it back. If anyone reads this and has advice on getting another cat in general, that would be great. If not, thanks for reading!

    I have an 11 year old orange cat; he is an absolute love with us, so affectionate. He loves his family. He is either scared or uninterested in other people. He is an indoor cat, and seems happy that way. However, we have sliding doors and other cats sometimes approach come up to them. He is quick to hiss and look ready to attack.

    He is absolutely spoiled and used to affection on demand from the 3 of us. I had another cat, who died about 3 years ago. They never got along, but I had her first. I have thought about getting another cat, just because I think the kids would benefit in multiple ways. I did not feel like I could, as I feel my current cat might be too aggressive (he's pretty big too). However, a mom I know told me her sister's cat had kittens (not sure that that story is). She said we can "try"one and they will take it back if it does not work out. The sister lives almost an hour a way though. The kids don't know about this situation yet. I would say I have nothing to lose by trying, but of course kids will get attached, who knows if they will really willingly take the kitten back, etc.

    Any thoughts or advice?
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