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    When I was in college and grad school, I helped teach a camp at Texas Tech University called Science, It's a Girl Thing. It is a STEM camp aimed specifically at girls. DD1 attended it many years later for several summers, loving each one. They also have a co-ed science camp.

    If you're into water sports, there is a 1 week overnight camp in New Braunfels, TX at Texas Ski Ranch. They learn to water ski, surf, fish, and lots of other water sports. My kids have never done it, but my cousin works there, and his girlfriend is the GM. It sounded like a fun camp.

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    My oldest (HS senior) did a 1-week residential Boys State program this summer. Boys/Girls State is run by the American Legion, and it focuses on leadership/civics. He thought it was really interesting, and I loved it b/c it was well run and cost me nothing. Some of the kids went on to Boys Nation.

    I believe the Boys or Girls State programs are run by local offices of the American Legion, and they may vary a little by state. We didn't know much about it until our son was nominated, but they are worth looking into.
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