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    Default When is Academy Sports's 50% off backpack sale??

    Our Academy Sports had a 50% off backpack sale last year. I cannot remember when it was held. Is this an routine thing every year or was that a new thing? DD1 really wants a newer bigger Jansport. I really don't want to buy it full price, as she has a perfectly fine regular-sized Jansport from last year. Grrr. There are some good deals at JCP BUT she is very picky about the color, so Cannot just buy a random color that was on sale, as awesome and neutral as it may be.
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    I'm curious, too! I totally remember the sale from last year, but I don't know when it was. I want to say it was after school had started here (we go back the last week of August, so next week). I bought a new Under Armour bag on sale a few weeks ago, but I'm half tempted to have DS carry his old AU bag and then return and rebuy the new one when/if the sale comes about. lol
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