Would you move your family (kids in middle and high schools -- freshman year) across country for 2x salary and enough stock to retire on (I don't yet have an offer so this is imaginary money at this stage). Back story is that I am interviewing for a very sr level role. DH has been not paid for 3 years (well 2, he had severance) he is working to start a company but so far not drawing a salary. He could do this job anywhere. I am feeling stressed about lacking a second income and having more/"enough" to retire on. We live in a lovely neighborhood with fabulous friends (the kind of friends who travel together). Kids are very happy and doing well here. Our area is very walkable. I grew up in the region so know people here from decades ago. DH is not from here. We would be moving to an area (San Diego) where we know no one.

Would you move? What would you consider? Thanks!

ETA I HATE the winters here. HATE them, they depress me (really). I would like to be able to walk outside every day. I also don't see retiring in New England as I want to be able to be outside more often than I am.