DS1 saw an orthodontist for a couple years. Every visit, the ortho called me back out of the waiting room to update me on the treatment.

DD sees a different orthodontist and is in braces. I have had no contact with the orthodontist himself in about 18 months when we did the initial consult. The assistants come out to the waiting room and give me updates there. I feel like this must violate privacy laws, but maybe not? I've googled without luck. Today, I learned about one boy's sensitive back molar and that they removed his molar spacers. And another boy needs to work on his brushing and flossing, got a stronger wire on top, and new rubber bands to use. Nothing earth shattering of course, but it's weird to me that they do this in the very small waiting room.

So, which is more common? Did I have the exception first with the privacy and orthodontist doing the talking? Or is the current one the exception?