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Thread: Carpet moths?!

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    Default Carpet moths?!

    I’m visiting my parents - they have a sunroom off the family room. DD noticed a “bunch of little moths” on the sunroom carpet - it was totally infested! The moths had eaten a lot of the carpet under the sofa!

    I vacuumed thoroughly and then dragged the carpet out to the deck. What other steps should I help my parents to take? Should we buy a spray? Some traps?

    Of course, NOW DD tells us that she noticed a moth or two the last time she was here in June! So if this infestation started then, is the problem more widespread?!

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    For carpet beetles, a pest company should spray, two rounds about two weeks apart. They use the same chemical that is in topical flea treatments for pets (ex. Frontline). Everything that can be washed should be washed. Regular vacuuming will help keep them at bay.

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