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    Default How do you make your house smell nice?

    Do you use air freshener? Essential oils? Just wondering what everyone does to make their home smell nice.

    Strong scents bother me and my kids have seasonal allergies, so I canít open the windows too much. I want something very minimal that will eliminate that basement smell in my new house.

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    If it's a musty smell from the basement, I would start with a good dehumidifier. Try one in the basement and see if that is an improvement. You may need more than one, depending on the size of your home and the moisture level.

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    I use a dehumidifier and an air purifier. You might also sniff around to see if any areas are worse than others and might indicate past water damage. If you have carpet you may consider replacing with hard flooring.

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    I have put drops of essential oil on the disposible filter of our HVAC system before (in the basement). Just be careful that you don't go crazy on it. That way it helps to circulate throughout the house.
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    I put lemon essential oil in the water tank of my steam mop, the whole area smells citrus clean when I am done. But we do have the windows open everyday it is above 40. A dehumidifier in the basement helps A LOT.

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    Essential oils are for specific use and can be toxic to pets so we do not utilize them in open areas of the home.

    We run a dehumidifier in the basement and have baking soda packs to absorb any "smells." Pickup a hygrometer to check the humidity levels. If your basement has a separate HVAC unit - put the fan on circulate so it runs a few minutes every hour.

    As a rule - we don't use air fresheners or any kind of artificial smell (plug-ins, etc). Occasionally will utilize a safe candle or stove top simmer.

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