We want to go somewhere warm(er) for spring break next year. Initially I wanted to go to the beach but for the end of March we would need to go to Florida or gulf coast to hopefully get warm water and warm sun. And since we are driving from Milwaukee (WI) and this is our first road trip I think driving for 18+ hours is asking a lot, even if we stop for a night.
So now I am thinking we should just go somewhere warmer but probably less than 10 hrs from us. We want to relax and 1 activity a day (DD1 will only be able to handle 1 thing). And since she doesnít do well with very crowded places I donít want a huge city or a very popular destination. We like doing zoos, amusement parks (smaller ones), aquariums, some nature walks, but DD2 doesnít like to walk.
Is this wishful thinking for a spring break trip?